It is our mission to Do Greater Things and spread the gospel through this platform by sharing Christian Music, Apparel, Videos and any other creative art-form of great quality.

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Brand Ambassadors

A Brand Ambassador is an individual recruited by OVRFLW Radio to promote products or services within the company, also known as branding. Our Influencers are meant to embody the identity of OVRFLW Radio in appearance, demeanor, values, and ethics. The key element of a Brand Ambassador lies in their ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer-product/service relationship and influence a large audience to consume more content and/or products.


Predominantly, our Brand Ambassador/Influencers will be known as a positive spokesperson appointed as an internal or external agent to boost products, services, content, advertisements and create brand awareness. SIGN UP BELOW

What We Do

OVRFLW Radio is an online radio station dedicated to impacting the younger generation through Positive, Inspirational, and Faith-based trending music. We hope to give our youth a relatable format that will ignite their spirits for GOD. We are out to prove that you can be just as lit for the Kingdom Of God through Christian Hip Hop, POP, Dance, Electronic, and Global music.

Our plan is to cultivate an environment and create life changing experiences through christian-base events, forums, news, fashion, broadcasting, and streaming. We're not only setting out to create an environment of excitement for our faith, but to also nurture the faith of others by adopting a discipleship pathway to build an even closer relationship with God.

OVRFLW Radio was created by Dj MIXX, a Christian Dj based in Smryna, TN. "I could remember hearing a sermon about how most people won't surrender their lives to Jesus because of FOMO. They believe they'll miss out on all of the fun life has to offer. They actually believe our God is a boring God. I have always had a heart after Jesus and have been wanting to use my gifts and talents in music to spread the gospel and to show that you can have just as much fun as any spectator of any large music festival such as the Ultra Music Festival." 


The vision set forth, as this radio station was created, was to be a resource for positive, faith-based music, content, and apparel, as well as serve as an alternative to the secular industry. 

The Vision

Open Opportunities

Dj's & Live Streamers

We're looking to collaborate with the hottest Christian Dj's. Let's connect and get you a mix-show slot on OvrFlw Radio. Click "Apply Now" and submit your links to your mixes to move forward!

Marketing & Ambassadors

Our mission is to spread the gospel through the awareness of great christian content. This is why we need you! Volunteer to help build the OvrFlw Brand and get the word out. We want you to help us shine a light on all that our Faith in God has to offer. 

Radio Broadcasters

We're currently looking to mount new radio personalities and podcasters. Have an idea for a radio show or podcast? Apply Now and let's discuss your show so that we can get you plugged in!